The future of fibre-to-the-home in the UK

The future of fibre-to-the-home in the UK

Full fibre broadband to the home has arrived and it’s set to transform the way we all use the internet forever.

But what exactly is full fibre broadband? How fast is it? What can it do? Why do you need it and when will you be able to get it? 

We’ve got all the answers below.

What is fibre-to-the-home broadband?

Fibre-to-the-home broadband (FTTH) is the high-tech digital infrastructure, delivering lightning-fast internet speeds direct to your home.

Unlike other networks that rely on copper wires or wireless technology, FTTH runs a pure fibre-optic cable from a nearby data exchange, straight to your home.

Cutting out those old-fashioned copper wires, makes FTTH the UK’s fastest and most reliable type of broadband. It can guarantee up to 1 gigabit of data per second. That’s around 10 times faster than the UK’s average home broadband speeds. 

Faster internet speeds are better for everyone.

Here’s how FTTH is helping transform the lives of ordinary people.

Julian is a single working parent from Salisbury. He says,

“Everything is so much quicker now. I’ve got two kids, and they do all the usual things that kids do on the internet. With an FTTH connection, they can do them at the same time, even when I’m working from home in my office. There’s no more arguing or fighting over the internet anymore!”

Dylan Watkins set up a specialist dog food business back in 2016. Working from home was a real pain before he upgraded to an FTTH broadband connection.

“As soon as the fibre came in, it changed everything. Since fibre’s been installed, there’s been no dropouts. It’s made my business (and my life) so much easier to run. Full fibre is a true game-changer.” 

What else can FTTH do? 

FTTH network promises the fastest speeds, even during the busiest usage times. Having your own direct connection reduces lag and slowdowns caused by peak congestion, so you won’t have to worry about the dreaded buffering during your family movie night. Also, the stream won’t start lagging as you cheer on your team in that crucial derby game decider.

FTTH connections have the power and stability to handle pretty much anything. FTTH broadband can support up to 100 devices, without slowing down or losing connections.

You can forget about those annoying download times because FTTH gives you what you want, when you want it. An FTTH connection can download an entire two-hour 4K movie in less than 2 minutes and 100+ music tracks in just 7 seconds.

A network built for the future.

FTTH is 100% future proof. As fibre-optic technology and digital spaces continue to evolve, you’ll have everything you need to experience the full benefits. 

There’s no need to upgrade, and no additional installation is required. 

Your home will be fully SMART ready. You’ll have enough broadband speed to run a business from your smartphone, connect to the metaverse, and immerse yourself in the latest VR gaming experiences. 

Is FTTH available across the whole of the UK? 

According to the latest research from OFCOM, over 90% of homes and businesses in the UK now have access to FTTH broadband technology. 

Why can’t I get fibre broadband?

You might not be able to get FTTH if:

  • you’re in a remote or rural area.
  • your property is too far from the nearest street cabinet.
  • fibre broadband is popular in your area. The nearest cabinet can’t accommodate a new connection just yet. 
  • you live in an old property that can’t support a high-speed fibre-optic cable connection.
  • the landscape in your local area makes it difficult to install fibre-optic cabling.

Is the government planning more FTTH rollouts?

New FTTH networks are currently being installed across hundreds of UK cities, towns, and rural areas. They’re part of the UK government’s ambitious plans to provide full, nationwide FTTH coverage by 2030.

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