How to convert your home into a SMART Home

How to convert your home into a SMART Home

SMART technology is redefining our living spaces. From SMART locks to fridges that can order the weekly shop for you, these ‘thinking’ devices promise an unparalleled era of convenience and digital connectivity. More importantly, they will empower us to live healthier, greener, and sustainable lives that benefit the people and the planet. 

Also, thanks to the rapidly falling costs of these devices and systems, investing in a SMART home makeover is cheaper and easier than you might think. 

Here are a few ways you can make your home SMARTER.

SMART Lighting System.

The old fashioned, standard lighting for homes is making way for SMART lighting systems that are affordable, more efficient, and eco-friendly. They’ll also save you money in the long-term, by minimising your monthly bill. The SMART lights from Philips Hue switch off after they detect a period of inactivity in the room and they adjust wattage and energy usage automatically.

SMART lights can adjust themselves automatically, through several predefined settings. They can create the perfect ambience for a romantic night in, family movie night, or a bedtime story.

SMART Audio systems.

Love music? Then you’ll love a SMART audio system. The ONE speaker system from SONO is the most advanced intelligent audio system on the market.

Stand-out features include TouchTap and swipe touch controls to pause the music, adjust the volume, skip a track, or rewind back to the big beat drop. 

It connects to all your streaming services and includes Sonos radio for free. Sonos radio’s intelligent algorithm learns which tracks you like and recommends new music and personalised playlists. It even has a mood setting for finding new songs that match how you feel. 

The ONE audio system syncs with iPhones, iPads or Macs and you don’t even have to do it yourself; just ask Siri or Alexa. 

Voice Operated Homes.

Futuristic voice-enabled technology is now a reality, thanks to SMART products and devices like the Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple Homepod. 

In fact, voice-controlled technology is becoming the norm in many UK households. According to consumer research from Ampere Analysis, 52% of internet households in the UK own a voice assistant device in the UK and that figure will rise sharply over the next few years. Amazon Echoes are now available for less than £40.

Vocally controlled devices and systems are fantastic conveniences that save us time, energy, and money. You can tell the home assistant to play the latest news, turn off your lights remotely, and bring up the weather forecast and the traffic status before leaving for work.

SMART Coffee Brewing.

Imagine if your first brew of the day was waiting for you in the morning!

No filling the kettle. No washing out a dirty cup. Just a warm, steaming hit of morning caffeine ready for you to sip. 

It sounds like a dream but it’s actually a daily reality for those who were smart enough to invest in a SMART, automated coffee and tea maker. 

If you’re interested, check out the remote SMART brewers from the Smarter Coffee store. They let you brew up from anywhere with the Smarter app and yes, they all have a ‘wake up’ mode!

SMART Home Air Quality.

Air pollution is not exclusively found outside of the home. The chemicals we use every day have made indoor air pollution a serious health hazard. Tech companies have responded by creating intelligent air purifiers that detect and instantly nullify harmful agents in the air. They also produce daily activity reports, helping you identify what’s causing the air pollution in your home. 

SMART energy systems.

Precise energy management systems monitor, control, and report on your home’s energy efficiency.

With a SMART home energy management system, homeowners can significantly reduce their monthly bills and energy consumption. 

Features include notifications that remind you when to turn off devices, lights, and switches. Others will do this automatically.

Through a SMART energy management system, you’re not only transforming your house into a SMARTER home, you’re also making a much-needed contribution to creating a sustainable future.

SMART systems like this will become standard in all UK homes in the future. They’re already being integrated into new build projects up and down the country.

The future is SMART, so, start upgrading now if you want to enjoy all the benefits of SMARTER living.

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