How much broadband speed do I need?

How much broadband speed do I need?

To find out how much broadband you need, you have to understand how internet speeds are measured.

Broadband providers use the term Mbps. Mbps stands for megabits per second.

Megabits are units of data that carry digital information to your router or devices.

The higher the Mbps, the more data you’ll receive every second. In simple terms, a high Mbps package makes your internet ‘go faster’.

But how much Mbps do you need?

10 to 100Mbps is enough for the things that most of us do online every day, including browsing, emailing, and shopping. But it might not be enough for homeworkers and gamers, especially if they live in households where multiple people need to use the internet at the same time.

Here’s a look at what you can comfortably do with different Mbps packages:

20 – 100 Mbps: Web browsing, email, instant messaging, video calls, music streaming, and video streaming. You’ll probably experience some lag, jitter, and buffering when more than a few people are streaming or gaming.

100 – 200 Mbps:  Supports streaming 4K video or multi-player gaming across multiple devices. Faster downloads. 4K HD content streaming, HD multi-player video gaming, and almost-instant file downloads.

200 – 1000 Mbps: The best internet you can get. Handles multiple devices streaming 4K HD content, gaming, or downloading large files. Seamless video calls. Minimal cut-offs or dropped connections. Ideal for large families, multi-player households, homeworking, and small businesses.

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