8 reasons why AltNets are the best 

8 reasons why AltNets are the best 

Are you fed up with your expensive broadband package? Sick of seeing your bills go up? Are you searching for a real alternative to the big-name broadband providers who never seem to value you as a customer? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time you thought about signing up with an alternative internet provider (AltNet.)

AltNets are independent broadband companies delivering superfast speeds at great prices. And here’s a look at eight more reasons why you should think about switching to one.

They’re just as fast 

Alternative doesn’t mean inferior, and it certainly doesn’t mean slower. AltNets offer gigabit-ready broadband packages that are just as fast as anything you’ll get from Virgin, Sky, or Talk Talk. 

In some cases, AltNets provide the quickest connections available. London-based AltNet company Community Fibre can deliver a mind-blowing 3,000Mbps; that’s 59x faster than the UK’s average download speed.

Better customer service 

Around 1 in 5 broadband customers are unhappy with the level of service and technical support they receive from the big four broadband providers. Long call waiting times, the inability to speak to a ‘real’ person, degraded service, and billing issues were among the most popular complaints.

AltNet providers do things differently; they have to. As smaller, independent companies, every customer matters to them. AltNets treat their customers like people, not’ numbers.’ Locally based call centres means they’ll always be an actual person waiting to answer your query.

You can find a better deal

Aquiss, which provides superfast broadband across Yorkshire, has a 160Mbps broadband-only offer for new customers that costs just £16 p/m for the first three months. And there are no upfront costs or connection fees. The monthly tariff rises to £32p/m after the introductory period. Still, it works out to around £10 cheaper per month than a similar package with BT, Sky, and TalkTalk. Overall, switching to an AltNet like Aquiss could save you £100+ a year. 

AltNet providers are popping up all over the UK. The majority have great introductory offers to entice customers away from the more established names. Check out what’s available in your local area. Because with prices and utility bills on the rise – and more increases likely – even the smallest savings can make a big difference.

AltNets are going mainstream

Alternative internet providers won’t be ‘alternative’ for much longer. A recent report from a broadband industry watchdog found that over one million homes and businesses in the UK now have live AltNet connections. That figure is expected to rise to over six million by 2025. AltNets aren’t a passing fad or trend. They’re serious players who are to stay.

AltNets make everything better

AltNets means more choice for consumers. This means a competitive market where AltNets and mainstream providers work harder to keep and attract customers. And this is great news for folk like us. Broadband companies can’t assume we’ll sign up with them because we can’t go anywhere else. Instead, they have to earn and win our business with better offers, lower prices, and greater levels of service and innovation.

Loyalty doesn’t always pay

When it comes to sticking with a mainstream broadband provider, loyalty DOES NOT pay. In fact, the longer you stay with a broadband company, the more you’ll end up paying every month. A report from consumer group Which? found that Virgin Media broadband subscribers who stay for three years or longer end up paying 52% more than new customers. Sky’s customers face a 42% penalty for their’ loyalty.’ 

Mike Rowe, a consumer pricing expert at Which?, said: “It’s a shame that loyal broadband customers continue getting short shrift when it comes to pricing. Thankfully, it’s a problem that’s easily fixed. Customers should compare broadband tariffs every year to make sure they benefit from the best deals around. If they find something better, they should switch.”

AltNets build networks and communities. 

AltNets build networks. But they also help build communities. Connecting towns and rural areas to high-speed broadband creates more economic opportunities and better life outcomes for the residents who mainstream providers have ignored for too long. 

Free internet 

AltNets work with local organisations to ensure everyone can access the internet. Companies like 6Ginternet and Cuckoo broadband give away a large portion of their network for free to schools and charities. Can you imagine Sky or TalkTalk doing that?

AltNets are becoming the common-sense choice for consumers. So start searching and then make that switch. Why should you carry on paying more for less?

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