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If you're searching for a reliable and affordable internet connection, it can be tough to compare all the different options out there.

This is where the Broadband Market website comes in handy.

Broadband Market saves you time and money by allowing you to compare internet broadband plans and providers side by side.

Broadband Market is a whole of market comparison site that includes both national and regional internet service providers.

Broadband Market only considers high speed internet service providers that deliver fibre speed internet connections to homes and businesses.


Broadband Market is a whole market broadband comparison website. It's an online platform that allows consumers to compare different internet service providers' (ISPs) broadband plans in one place.

Broadband Market provides customers with an overview of broadband deals available in their local area, helping them make a more informed choice and find the best local internet package to match their needs.

What is a whole market
broadband comparison website?

A whole market broadband comparison website is an online platform that allows consumers to compare broadband plans and providers. It provides an overview of different plans from national and regional internet service providers (ISP's), prices, and features to help customers make informed decisions about which broadband plans are available in their area.

Broadband Market may earn commissions from ISP's if you choose a plan through Broadband Market.

A little bit of history about
Broadband Market

Broadband Market was created to highlight the internet service providers (ISP's) supplying fibre speed broadband internet connections to consumers in the UK. We include national and regional suppliers so that consumers can access the best deals and services available to their homes.

Mission statement

We will monitor and maintain the high speed broadband market in the UK and provide consumers with a complete range of suppliers available to their homes.

Broadband Market Awards
and recommendations

Whilst monitoring the UK broadband market for deals, we also highlight great suppliers and offer the insights into the latest tips and trends in the UK Broadband market

Why is Broadband Market necessary?

Yes, there are loads of comparison websites to choose from! But unlike other comparison websites, Broadband Market includes regional suppliers. These companies are often referred to as alt-nets. They are an alternative to national suppliers like BT, Virgin Media & Sky.

Openreach & Virgin Media are the most extensive fibre networks in the UK, but they still don't reach every home.